Lawyer, Master of Laws Juha-Pekka Hippi offers reliable and competent legal services.

Asianajotoimisto Hippi Law Office Oy serves its clients in matters requiring expertise and specialisation in civil and criminal cases, as well as in matters of family law.

Civil and criminal cases

Civil cases are about solving disagreements between private persons or companies impartially in a court of law. The case may concern, for instance, damages, inheritance dispute, annulment of sale or rent for an apartment.

In criminal cases, the charge concerns, for instance, theft, drunk driving, assault, sexual crimes or another punishable act. When a criminal case is processed, the complainant, i.e. the victim of the crime, often presents a claim for damages.

We represent both parties i.e. suspects and victims in criminal cases.

Cases of administrative court, e.g. alien affairs and permits

I also offer counselling for processing various permits in the administrative court. Here, the focus is on preparing complainants, for instance, in cases of residence permits and asylum.

Cases of child custody, alimonies and visiting rights

Cases of child custody, visiting rights and alimonies often require professional help when the case becomes a dispute and the partners cannot reach an agreement. It is in the interest of the child to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. Sometimes the involvement of a counsel helps to find a solution.

Trials, fees and legal aid

Impecuniousness is not an obstacle for using a private lawyer. If your insurance includes legal protection, it will compensate for legal services primarily when you act as the defendant in a trial. In addition, in many cases, for those having average income, the government entirely or partially compensates the lawyer's fee for the costs incurred from labour and legal expenses. Get in touch, and I we will analyse your specific case.

I begin to work at very short notice and we also negotiate with our clients after office hours.

Our office is located in Ruoholahti, adjacent to the Helsinki District Court.

Our office is located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, that is easily accessible by public transportation as well as by car.