Our legal services cover a wide range of civil and criminal cases as well as matters related to family and inheritance rights.

Below there is a list of some areas that we are specialised in.

If your case concerns some other area, please contact us and we can find the right solution for you together. If necessary, I can direct you to a colleague who is specialised in your particular matter.

The most important is that you will get a suitable lawyer who has the know-how required for your matter and that you will get the best possible service.

If necessary, trial services are provided all over Finland.


See www.asianajajaliitto.fi/en

All Finnish lawyers are members of the Finnish Bar Association. The purpose of the association is to ensure the availability of competent legal services. The members are experienced lawyers, who meet specific qualification requirements.


Inheritance law

  • Preparation of wills

  • Estate inventories

  • Estate administrations

  • Distributions of estate

  • Lawful shares in wills

  • Complaints related to wills

  • Living wills

Family law

  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements

  • Divorces

  • Child custody agreements

  • Child visiting rights

  • Alimonies

  • Visiting rights

Criminal cases

  • Damages

  • Complainant

  • Defendant

  • Matters of restraining orders

Immigration Issues

  • Alien affairs and permits

Civil cases

  • Damages 

Other services

  • Preparation of documents